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Our firm is first and foremost a provider of professional services that lead to successful project outcomes - we are not a software developer by trade. Nevertheless, we regularly develop and improve our own special-purpose software tools for internal use, and occasionally we have one that needs sharing.

BPC Logic Filter for Microsoft Project
As more and more organizations seem to have settled on Microsoft Project software for planning and scheduling their projects, we have had the opportunity to become intimately familiar with (and frustrated by) its inability to answer to some fundamental scheduling questions. So we wrote our own Add-In to make Microsoft Project sing like a rock star....

For the professional planner, scheduler, project manager, or administrator working with Microsoft Project (2010+), BPC Logic Filter is a tool that fills the gaps between Project’s native functionality and the requirements of logic-driven schedule management in complex projects. BPC Logic Filter includes simple tools for examining and tracing the schedule network(s) for any given task or collection of tasks. It also offers tools for standardized reporting of a project’s Critical Path (Longest Path) and near-critical paths when Microsoft Project’s internal reporting does not suffice. Finally, BPC Logic Filter implements several tools for advanced schedule network analysis, including Path Relative Float, Driving Path Drag, Bounded Network Analysis, Cross-Project Links, and Resource Drivers (for defining the Resource-Constrained Critical Path in a leveled schedule). An interactive Project Logic Checker has been added for general schedule health assessment and investigation. The tool is implemented as a Microsoft Office Customization (i.e. Project Add-In) and is deployed using secure Microsoft-developed technology that does NOT require Administrative Privileges.

Presently BPC Logic Filter is not commercial software. We share it with organizations employing professional and advanced academic users of Microsoft Project Professional 2010-2016 (Not Project Online).

TO OBTAIN A LICENSE, please send a message with Subject: "Request for BPC Logic Filter License" from your company or university email address to info@boyleprojectconsulting.com. Your message should include the following information: Company name/address, Your name/title/contact info, and a statement of your intended use for the software. After vetting, we'll send a download link and license key. With few exceptions, requests from personal ISP/gmail/throwaway email accounts are not accepted.

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