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Client Types
Since its founding, Boyle Project Consulting has performed engineering and construction related services for Owners, Developers, Buyers, and Lenders associated with large commercial and industrial projects/facilities. While the majority of our services have been for new-construction Clients, a substantial minority of our projects have involved property-transaction assistance to multiple parties.

Facility Types
Client facility types have included the following:

- Marine ports and container terminals (including yard and rail automation);

- Aluminum smelters, casthouses, fume treatment plants, rolling mills, and bulk material handling systems;

- Automotive parts and other light manufacturing facilities;

- Commercial trucking and logistics/distribution facilities.

In addition, our professionals have extensive design and construction experience with numerous other facility types, including shipyards, combined-cycle power plants, chemical plants, fuel tank farms, tire manufacturing, pulp and paper mills, commercial office buildings, hospitals, and datacenters.

BPC performs services worldwide for a global client base. To date, our Clients have been headquartered in North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East/North Africa.