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BPC Logic Filter for Microsoft Project - Download the Software

Thanks for your interest in our Add-in for Microsoft Project.  This page contains a link to download a fully-functioning version of the software.  At the end of the trial period, the software will revert to the free edition, and advanced features will be disabled.  At that point a license key will be required to restore the full functionality of the tool.

  1. Download and installation procedure:
    1. Before downloading, ensure that Microsoft Project is not running.
    2. If MS Internet Explorer (MSIE) or MS Edge IS your default browser, click on the following link to execute the Microsoft ClickOnce Downloader https://boyleprojectconsulting.blob.core.windows.net/bpclogicfilterprod/BPCLogicFilter1000.vsto.  If MSIE (or Edge) IS NOT your default browser, then you will need to open an MSIE/Edge window and copy/paste the text of the link into the address line.  [The ClickOnce downloader is closely integrated with Microsoft Office and MSIE/Edge.  Other browsers don’t work well for this download.  Note that MSIE/Edge is not needed after this step.]
  2. Startup Procedure:
    1. Open Microsoft Project 2010/2013/2016 (Std or Pro).
    2. As a precaution, it may be helpful to check the box for Project Options/Advanced/General/”Show add-in user interface errors”.
    3. Your ribbon should now include a new “BPC” tab with three “BPC Logic Filter” Button groups. 
  1. Running and Uninstalling Procedure:
    1. Right after installation, you will be prompted to accept the End User License Agreement and to validate or change a selected folder for storing log files.  If you reject the EULA, the software will play tricks on you.
    2. The tool will use your internet connection for two purposes:

                                                               i.      At each startup it checks for updates at the same server linked above.

                                                             ii.      At various times during operation it communicates with a license service to verify permissions for the advanced functions.

    1. If the license service connection is blocked or disconnected, then the software will still run, but the advanced functions will be unavailable. 
    2. BPC Logic Filter creates, manages, and deletes a number of display objects (views, tables, filters, and groups) in the current project.  Users should NOT instruct MS Project to “Automatically add new views, tables, filters, and groups to the global,” in the Advanced Display options.  Doing so will create confusion for the user.  Any such objects that are copied to the global will need to be deleted manually (using the Organizer), as they are beyond the reach of our garbage collectors.p>
    3. You can uninstall BPC Logic Filter through the control panel’s “Uninstall Programs” dialog.  The log files will remain until you manually delete them.