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Project Planning/Scheduling

Overlapping Tasks in Project Schedules

What is the Longest Path in a Project Schedule?

The Difference between Critical Tasks and Critical Paths in Project Schedules

Multiple Critical Paths in a Single CPM Schedule (wc:3227, fc:16)

Dangling Logic in Project Schedules (wc:2236, fc:8)

AACE International Annual Meeting 2017 (wc:431, fc:0)

Mandatory Constraints in Microsoft Project and Primavera P6 (wc:660, fc:3)

Float is not Schedule Contingency, Except when it is (wc:1410, fc:0)

Eddies and Checkdams: Odd Structures in CPM Logic Flow (wc:1792, fc:10)

MSP: Microsoft Project

Driving Logic in Backward Scheduled Projects (Microsoft Project)

Resource Leveling Changes from MSP 2010 to MSP 2016 – Revisited (wc:651, fc:9)

Out-of-Sequence Progress in Microsoft Project 2010-2016 (wc:2851, fc:10)

Impact of Calendars on Schedule Slack Calculation in Microsoft Project (wc:1517, fc:1)

Modeling Waiting Times in Microsoft Project (wc:802, fc:8)

Problems with Predecessor Tasks in Task Inspector and Task Paths (Microsoft Project 2010-2016) (wc:535, fc:6)

Inactive Tasks in Microsoft Project (wc:362, fc:0)

Total Slack Calculation for Summary Tasks in Microsoft Project (wc:776, fc:1)

Leveling Changes from MSP 2010 to MSP 2013 (wc:901, fc:8)

Ladder Logic (Parallel SS/FF Relationships) in Microsoft Project (wc:763, fc:3)

Logic Analysis of Resource-Leveled Schedules (MS Project) (wc:989, fc:11)

Monitoring Near Critical Tasks in Microsoft Project (wc:775, fc:2)

MSP: Macros/Code

Macro for Filtering based on “Task Path” in Microsoft Project (wc:769, fc:0)

Filtering for Tasks with Leads and Lags in Microsoft Project (wc:1261, fc:4)

An Alternate Approach to Hammock Tasks in Microsoft Project (wc:1814, fc:1)

Macro for Tracing, Filtering, and Sorting Task Paths in Microsoft Project (wc:1452, fc:1)

Simple Macro for Computing (Duration) Drag in MS Project (wc:1009, fc:1)

Simple Macro for Imposing Zero Free Float Constraints in Microsoft Project (wc:862, fc:2)

Simple Macro for Listing Driving Predecessor(s) in MS Project (wc:356, fc:1)

BPC Logic Filter

Construction CPM Conference 2019 – Schedule Logic in Microsoft Project

BPC Logic Filter – Version 1.5 Improvements

BPC Logic Filter in Microsoft Project 2013/2016 (wc:499, fc:0)

Extract the Logic Plan Inside Your Schedule – Project Virtual Conference 2018 (wc:142, Video Link)

Recent Improvements to BPC Logic Filter (wc:588, fc:4)

Inspecting Task Resource Drivers with BPC Logic Filter for Microsoft Project (wc:510, fc:4)

Video – Inspect and Step through Network Logic Links Using BPC Logic Filter (wc:25)

Inspecting Task Links with BPC Logic Filter for Microsoft Project (wc:665, fc:4)

Microsoft Project Schedule Health Checking and Fixing using BPC Logic Filter (wc:610, fc:8)

Troubleshooting Circular Task Relationships with BPC Logic Filter (wc:288, fc:2)

Video – Compute Critical Path Drag in Microsoft Project with BPC Logic Filter (wc:16)

Video – Find the Driving Path for Key Milestones in Microsoft Project using BPC Logic Filter (wc:77)

Video – Analyze the Near-Longest Paths in Microsoft Project using BPC Logic Filter (wc:67)

Video – Find the Longest Path in Microsoft Project Using BPC Logic Filter (wc:70)

Video – Using BPC Logic Filter to Analyze Resource-Leveled Critical Path (wc:19)

Video – Logic Tracing Example in Microsoft Project (wc:24)

Tracing Near Longest Paths with BPC Logic Filter (wc:751, fc:4)

A Logic Tracing Example in Microsoft Project (wc:880, fc:9)

Musings on Critical Path Drag and Calendars in CPM Schedules (wc:864, fc:2)

The Resource Critical Path – Logic Analysis of Resource-Leveled Schedules (MS Project), Part 2 (wc:756, fc:5)

Primavera P6/P3/ST

Relationship Free Float and Float Paths in Multi-Calendar Projects (P6 MFP Free Float Option) (wc:1117, fc:3)

Constructing Level of Effort (LOE) Activities in Primavera P6 (wc:1215, fc:5)

P6 Multiple Float Path Analysis – Total Float and Free Float Options (wc:1573, fc:5)

Find the Connections Between Two Arbitrary Tasks in a CPM Schedule (wc:724, fc:5)

Beyond the Critical Path – the Need for Logic Analysis of Project Schedules (wc:1399, fc:8)


Why I Left LinkedIn Groups (wc:453, fc:0)